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Affordable Mobile Auto Repair FAQs

Q: How does your service work?
A: We come to you, charge a fee, make a diagnosis with the estimate, and perform repairs on the spot.

Q: How much is the fee?
A: Our fee is $65 for vehicles and $80 for motor homes.

Q: Does the $65 fee go towards the repair?
A: No, the fee covers our travel.

Q: How long does it take to perform the repair?
A: Most repairs are performed on the same day and are completed within 3 hours of receiving your call.

Take a Look at Some of Our Testimonials

"The wiring was shorting out, which caused the bulb to burn out repeatedly. He fixed the wiring and put a new bulb in, and I have not had another problem with it. Thanks George, I will recommend you to everyone that I know who is having a problem with their car and wants an excellent mechanic who knows what he is doing." – Bill.

"George at Affordable Mobile Auto Repair did a great job for me and I'll be using his service again soon!" – Audi

"I called George at noon and he responded immediately. This was a major problem; a fuel pump on a motor home but he was able to repair it. It took nearly 7 hours, a very difficult procedure. He had to pump on the gas (fuel pump inside the gas tank). He was very professional and took pride in his work. I highly recommend him!" - Sue S.

"My headlamp has burned out twice, and both times I took it to the dealership to have it fixed. After it burned out the second time, I contacted George at Affordable Mobile Auto Repair and he came out within an hour or two and saw the problem immediately." - Anonymous.
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